Whidbey Island Main Exchange
2110 North Coral Sea Avenue
Building No. 17
Oak Harbor, WA 98278-4500
(360) 257-0600
NEX Online Store Questions
Within the Continental US (CONUS): 877–810–9030

What it’s like working at the NEX?

The Navy Exchange is located on the seaplane base near the downtown area in Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island. The Navy Exchange also referred to as the NEX, houses over 300 employees. The NEX offers a various selection of everyday items such as clothing, electronics, household items, hygiene products, alcoholic beverages, and a small section for groceries. Everything purchased on base is not taxed and some items are less expensive than retail.

Employment within the NEXCOM community is easily managed through the site. When searching for a job at the NEX visit Apply for The Navy Exchange Whidbey Island. Some frequently asked question when inquiring about job opportunities at the NEX are things such as:

Do you have to be active/retired military?

As an employee of the NEX do you and your family recieve the same shopping benefits?
Can I shop at the Commissary (the base grocery store)?

As an employee at the Navy Exchange it is not required that the candidate applying be military. Employees hired by the NEX are allowed shopping privileges at the exchange however cannot purchase alcohol, tobacco, or military uniforms. NEX prices are known to be about 20% cheaper than retail and employees will still receive the benefit of no tax on items. Navy Exchange employees that are not military are not allowed to shop at the base grocery store (the commissary).

The Navy Exchange could be your next employer. Visit the main site to find out more information NAS Whidbey Island Navy Exchange.

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