There are times when you may come across a home that is so suited to your style that you wish it came fully furnished with all the décor and furniture. Unfortunately, this is not typical. How do you know what comes with a house you buy? That can vary depending on the home, the owner, and the item. To prevent disappointment, it’s best to keep in mind that most items do not come with the house. However, there are things you can do to be informed when touring a home.

Details in a Real Estate Listing

Home Buying ProcessThe first place to look is the actual real estate listing for the property. When a home is put on the market, the real estate agent will add important information to the listing to let you know more about the property and location. Look for notes on what is included with the purchase.

Ask Your Real Estate Agent

During an open house or showing, be sure to ask your real estate agent if you see something that you feel may be included with the house but isn’t listed in the marketing information on the property. The real estate agent will be able to answer you question, or they can speak with the seller’s agent to get clarity.

Your real estate agent is the best source of information about the local community and real estate topics. Give Shawn McNeal a call today at 360-929-6650 to learn more about local areas, discuss selling a house, or tour available homes for sale.

Appliances, Art, and… Boats?

Kitchen Dining AreaIn most cases, you can expect the appliances to come with the home. Appliances that are usually included are stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, and built-in microwave. Keep in mind that many homes go through a staging process to get things ready for showings and open houses. For this reason, the furniture and décor you see may not be the owners or available to come with the house.

It’s not unusual for the curtains, drapes, shades, and other window treatments to come with the sale. This can be important if the windows are custom made or an odd shape and size. If this isn’t clear in the listing, be sure to ask your real estate agent. You may find it’s costly to replace window treatments that must be custom made.

In most cases, the fixtures, fittings, light fixtures, and ceiling fans will come with the property. You might just be surprised at what comes with some homes. If a seller is incredibly motivated to sell the property, you might find yourself the new owner of art pieces, hot tubs, and even a boat!

Special Inclusions

What if you absolutely must have those bar seats that go so well at the breakfast bar? There’s nothing lost by letting your real estate agent know you’re interested in these items. Your agent can meet with the seller’s agent to see if the seller is willing to add those as an inclusion to the sale. You’ll want to make sure an additional cost isn’t added on to the price tag unless you feel so strongly about the items that you’re willing to negotiate on the cost.

Some things just make sense to inquire about when considering what comes with the sale. For example, if the property has a pool, you may want to ask if the pool equipment that is currently on site comes with the pool.

Get It in Writing

It’s important to have a clear understanding of exactly what comes with the house and what goes with the seller. You don’t want a disappointing discovery after closing day that is long past the point of negotiations. For this reason, you’ll want to get everything in writing. The contract should include all items that come with the property, including any special inclusions negotiated during the time before closing.

Your real estate agent is a valuable member of your home buying team. They represent your interest, are available to answer your questions, and act as a buffer between you and the seller when it comes to negotiations. When it comes to knowing what comes with the house you buy, you’ll want a real estate agent close at hand.

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