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Getting Local | Oak Harbor

Washington Flood Zones

To find out if a specific address within Washington resides within a flood zone, visit the State of Washington’s Department of Ecology for flood zone map resources.

Oak Harbor Weather

Oak Harbor, Washington receives approximately 21 inches of rain per year, and four inches of snow, spanning 64 days with measurable precipitation. However, there are 159 days each year when the sun shines on Oak Harbor, with summer average high temperatures around 70 degrees and winter lows just a tad above freezing at 36 degrees.

Oak Harbor Waterfront Homes for Sale

You’ve done your homework. You’ve considered the possibilities. You’ve investigated and can weigh the pros of owning a waterfront home against the cons. You’ll end up paying more for the property, the insurance, and the maintenance, but you’ll be able to accomplish so many things including improving your health and designing a life you love from which you don’t feel the need to schedule a vacation. When you’re ready to take the next step and move from thought into action, check out these Oak Harbor Waterfront Homes for sale, and then reach out to find out how we can help your dreams of owning a waterfront property come true.