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As the name implies, Island County in Washington is comprised solely of islands, creating the perfect platform for island lifestyles and water recreation. The two largest islands are Whidbey and Camano, with seven smaller islands dotting the county.

Island County, Washington consists of two cities: Langley and Oak Harbor, of which Oak Harbor is the largest. There’s one town in Island County, Coupeville, which serves as the county seat. There are also four census designated places and 15 unincorporated communities.

Two school districts service Island County. The smaller of the two systems, Coupeville School District, educates 923 students per year via two primary, one middle, and three high schools. The larger of the two areas is Oak Harbor School District which provides education for 5,667 students via six primary, two middle, two high schools, and one alternative school.

Island County receives approximately 33 inches of rain annually and five inches of snow across 132 days with measurable precipitation. However, there are 162 days each year when the sun shines on the county with average summer high temperatures of 73 degrees and winter lows slightly above freezing at 36 degrees.

On the weekdays, residents can catch a free ride on Island Transit’s fixed routes across Whidbey and Camano Islands. To travel by water, Coupeville Ferry Service and Clinton Ferry Service provide transportation in Island County. Commercial airports include Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in Seattle, and Bellingham International Airport in Bellingham, Washington.

Island County, Washington has picturesque views of colorful boats speckling the sparkling waters that reflect some of the most stunning sunsets imaginable. Tree-lined streets, street lanterns decorated with live flowers, historic downtown districts, small businesses, and a close-knit sense of community spirit, Island County, Washington is a remarkable place to call home. You are invited to enjoy the island life in Island County, Washington.

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